Launch Sick Fish Mix DAO which raises awareness to the global threat plastic pollution has on marine life. Follow @SickFishMixNFT Discord, Twitter, Instagram Join Presale Mailing list and stand a chance to win $25,000 worth of our SFM coin every 7 days from project launch for 4 weeks to any creator of a Tik Tok video or Twitter Tweet with the 25,000 likes promoting the Sick Fish NFT collection.

Launch Sick Fish Mix membership using SFM coin, Airdrop 1 locked token to 3,000,000 wallets.. Membership token holders’ benefits include invitation to exclusive events, voting rights within the SFM NFT DAO also discounts when SFM NFTs and other merchandise are purchased with SFM coin. SFM coin is made to power the whole Sick Fish Mix NFT communities eco system by leveraging blockchain technology.