Phase 5

Sick Fish Mix community will become avatars in the Metaverse to continue to raise awareness and continue the digital protest as a diverse community who actively leverage blockchain technology to affect positive environmental change.

Phase 4

Execution of the first community project voted on by membership token holders through the DOA will be implemented as a show of our sincerity of purpose and ambition to create a circular economy by the utilisation of recycled materials recovered from the oceans into new products such as tables and chairs for schools in developing […]

Phase 3

Launch of Sick Fish Mix NFT game, merchandise which includes toys and a beach wear clothing range, both the game launch and exclusive merchandise are revenue streams to members who will continue to earn more as the SFM brand grows bigger, members vote on community projects and the direction of the Sick Fish Mix NFT […]

Phase 2

Mint the first series of Sick Fish Mix NFT’s and membership tokens on Ethereum listed on OpenSea 75% of proceeds of Initial Sick Fish Mix NFT’s will be invested in global Ocean Clean-Up projects using a smart contract on the Solana blockchain.

Phase 1

Launch Sick Fish Mix DAO which raises awareness to the global threat plastic pollution has on marine life. Follow @SickFishMixNFT Discord, Twitter, Instagram Join Presale Mailing list and stand a chance to win $25,000 worth of our SFM coin every 7 days from project launch for 4 weeks to any creator of a Tik […]